Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Monday night saw me cringing in pain from serious leg cramps, which hit again during sleep and made it difficult to walk much yesterday.

Most of yesterday was a chill out day as I'm completely run down after pushing the boundaries over the previous two weeks. It feels like a body blow but i know I'll get myself back. Right now though i'm rambling, it is hard to focus and I'm forgetting a lot of things.

The Dr told me that the Temper is a result of the stress I'm currently under and has encouraged me to sing along to songs since i have the new speaker system working. I first heard Kaya in 1978 when it was released, a friend had just bought it and came past and we listened. it's timeless! Put it on Spotify now and have a listen! "Sun Is Shining"

Poor Caz has had to endure me singing along to Bob Marley songs and in the following clip takes here frustrations out on the pads!

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