Thursday, 2 April 2009

CT Scan results

This morning I went for a CT scan. By 10am i was out and off to meet up with Paul McIntyre for breakfast on Rose St. Since then i finished hanging scaffolding from an I Beam to hold punch bags at the gym, met Dod Law fresh from his knee surgery for a cup of tea before returning to the gym for a light workout.

I have now got the results for the CT Scan. Bear in mind that they expected it to have hopefully stopped growing further and it would be some time before reduction took place. I have been visualising it getting smaller all the time.

here is the communication i received around 4pm:

Compared with December 2008 CT, there is a slight decrease in the tumour in segment 6 of your liver (66x63mm compared with 68x70mm), a significant reduction in the amount of fluid (ascites) in your abdomen, and the gland near the pancreas is 24mm compared with 32mm. You still, of course , have the appearances of the cirrhosis and the portal hypertension (varicose veins
near the liver).

We should continue with the Sorafenib at the same dose (200mg twice a day). Please keep an eye on your blood pressure a couple of times daily and if it is sitting above 150/90 then we
would need to increase slightly your ramipril. We also need to re quantify the protein in your urine with another 24 hour collection on Monday.

Well done!

I recall the words said by one Doctor that "it's good to be positive but you need to be realistic". The treatment so far has stopped the growth and turned it around. I expect a significantly greater reduction with the momentum next time.

I may have cancer but cancer wont have me!


Dan said...

Well done that man! Keep it going.



Anonymous said...

Well done Pat that's great news!

The positive attitude does work.

Stuart said...

Awesome :)

Wullie said...

Fantastic news Pat!
Keep it up.

Jon Cameron said...

Great news Pat! Pleased to hear this. Destroy the tumour! Heal the Liver! Yes!!

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration to many out there!!! Well done Pat. xx

Anonymous said...

Cool top picture by the way!

Graham and Gillian said...

That's great news!

Hope your haveing a fab time in Birmingham


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