Monday, 13 April 2009

Eater Monday

Tuhon Bill McGrath and Ewen Campbell (UFA European Director)

After the weekend of training where on Sunday i did pretty much the full 8 hours bar a few sit downs, I'm exhausted.

Tuhon Bill McGrath (Tuhon meaning teacher) is a big guy who loves life, enjoys jokes but is a heavy hitter, a deadly exponent of edged weaponry and well versed in stick fighting. Whilst many simply didn't take the opportunity to take part, the participants who did and who make up the UFA (Unified Fighting Arts) including those who travelled from Aberdeen, were given a master class in weaponry. I'm exceedingly proud of the guys of the UFA who led by example, training every minute with the respect that Bill deserved.

It is also an example of why AMAG is one of the leaders in the cross training field. It is this reason why experts such as Bob Spour are involved with us. I also was presented with a certificate which makes me the PTI UK Director.

We saw Bob on Friday and talked about NLP and how to keep focused on areas of the predicament I'm currently in. His dog Snip had a say in the matter!

Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday, which celebrates Jesus’ resurrection, according to Christian belief. Many Orthodox Christian churches in the United Kingdom often observe Easter Monday at a later date than the Easter Monday date observed by many western churches. There's no Pagan alternative.

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