Monday, 20 April 2009

Oxygen is the key

I have no doubt that the consumption of my supergreens Lightforce mix has helped me with my accelerated state of reversing the tumors growth. The use of wheatgrass and vegetables to get as much O2 into the system as possible, is the key and it doesn't take a degree to work that one out.

The One Minute Cure has been introduced to me from someone using it and encouraging me to look at it. I'll be talking to the person this week. The youtube clip below is a bit of an advert to the marketing of the concept, but the underlying principle is the transmission of O2 into the body's cells.

I am still whacked out by that busy fortnight. I am sitting back enjoying the music coming through the Zeppelin speakers. Sheer quality. As i write this on comes Goldie's Temper Temper which is quite appropriate!

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