Friday, 24 October 2008


Yoga was interesting last night. I used the Grapplearts dvd and set my mat out which I should know by now is an invitation for Kali to sit on it. A couple of sun salutations and she’s moved away in a huff. Boy am I stiff and half the positions I clumsily work my way into. However I do it and today I feel physically great, it’s just the mind that’s foggy. I had some bloating in the last two days as a result of the liver malfunction so I’ll be carefull what I eat today. Fish tonight.

Tomorrow we go up to Inverness. Caz has become an Auntie again - which I guess makes me an uncle - to a little baby girl. Sophie wants to call her sister ‘Kali’ but for some reason the proud parents aren’t quite as keen. I have fighters to train at 11am and a class to teach and then I’ll catch the train up which allows me to watch a movie on the laptop, although I’ll probably sleep.

With the news of the biopsy on Monday, I’m quite elated as the ball is rolling again. The surgeons meet on a Tuesday and so if they have the results ready then I could be in as fast as the Friday but the reality is that the NHS is a slow moving beast, although I trust the staff implicitly. Guess ill be crashed out on Monday night and probably Tuesday, tests tend to take it out of you.

Been watching the Ultimate Fighter Series 3 on DVD. Serra’s just made it through the final. He’s just let loose at Mark Laimon who isn’t everyone’s cup of tea not that I’m qualified to offer an opinion. But my friend and Instructor Marc McFann arrives in the UK this weekend and he trains at times with laimon and gives a different take on the guy.

Marc been grappling since he was a kid. He was in the US Judo squad and was the most advanced JKD grappler after Larry Hartsell before anyone had heard of the Gracies. He still goes now and then to Vegas to train with Laimon as he learns new material from a fresh perspective.

Marc’s not been well. He’s had in recent years a hip replacement before smashing his foot in a hunting accident and then that healed. He has been looking well the last few trips and I look forward to seeing him next week. Students at AMAG will enjoy his wednesday seminar.

A student at AMAG, Jon Cameron has alerted me to a course he did on Design Human Engineering with Dr Richard Bandler (the creator of NLP) suggesting this is a tool that may be of interest to me. As it turns out Bob Spour has some experience in this and will be calling me soon to initate the process. It's basically NLP used for healing. Bob has used it with some clients with allergies and torn muscles and says he can reframe my problem using deep trance allowing me to access resources that will aid in the healing process...what a thought!

Have a good weekend folks! Don’t waste it and take a moment to look around and see the wealth you have around you. UFC 90 early sunday am and Chelsea v Liverpool [do click it!] so i'm made up!

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