Sunday, 26 October 2008

Spring Forward Fall Backwards

we saw the monster! Here's the picture!

So, we're back to Aberdeen. We saw the newborn baby Rhea, a beautiful girl and i made a lego garage with her elder sister Sophie. I was very pleased with the lego garage as it housed a motorcycle. So impressed was i that i have included a photo for you! Anything to take my mind off the Chelsea loss. : (

The clocks went back so its now darker earlier and lighter before i get up. I'll have to be up early as schools go back so the traffic will be heavy in the morning for my journey to the hospital. It will be a long day. Still i recorded the UFC 90 so will watch that tonight.
Lets hope this week is a productive one!


Tobes said...


Harry Sideras sent me this & I am so sorry to hear that you have cancer, but from the little I know of you when we used to chat on The List (CFC) years ago I know that you are a very strong willed guy & I am 100% certain that you will fight all the way & out the otherside as it is your life. You probably don't remember me & I know that some of my comments used to annoy you, but that's life & we are all entitled to our own opinions. ISTR that you were not the most tolerant of guys, but spoke your mind with trenendous passion & I respect that. We are all different & the world would certainly be a far blander & porrer place without you so FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT with all your might mate & keep it BLUE - Cheers Tobes

Heather Kerr said...

Hi Pat,

Great lego garage :-) although I heard the demolition swiftly followed....

Hope all went well today at the hospital. Was thinking of you this morning. Spending the evening preparing for Halloween but looking forward to training with both you and Sifu McFann on Wednesday! Get some rest and fuel up for the week ahead.

Heather xx

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