Wednesday, 29 October 2008


The gym is my sanctuary, don't bring the negative in there. When we enter the gym, studio, dojo etc we give respects and we live for the moment free from the bullshit that others drag into our lives. Its our time and we will learn and play and not be dragged down by the negative. We can then give respects as we leave the gym and the load of the day is no more, the chip on the shoulder is not as heavy.

The illness, any illness is there for a reason, to tell us, to protect us, to indicate. My liver has problems and the tumor is there to let me know that. The symptoms were cries to identify that.

the liver is an amazing organ that can regrow, i read recently a liver can regrow in a week! Im a big lad so ill accept two weeks, but it will regrow and i will be healthy, with a healthy liver and the bloating, the blood pressure and tiredness that was telling me to be aware will not be needed anymore.

I'm going to study what the liver does and how good it is. I will learn why the liver is important and reframe the image as one that is healthy and how it will be very soon.

And when its healthy what do you think i'm going to be doing? I'll be running, i'll be rolling, i'll be striking. I'll be even better than before. I'll appreciate what i have as a liver and i will look after it better!

So i thank you for the concern, i understand that you want to reach out and express, but do so by being there with me in a positive frame. Be there when i'm tiring and encourage me on, because when i'm at the top of that hill i'll be the first to turn round and offer you a helping hand.

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