Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Change of Plans

We will have to learn how to become flexible with the way we are treated. I have had the phone call from my surgeon who has told me that the last set of blood tests were not quite what they expected. Only 1 in 5 fit in this category. What category that is i can not tell you simly because i do not know.

As a result of this they now want to take a biopsy. this had first been discounted as they didn't want to spread the tumor but the surgeon is not worried about that as i guess they expect to cut off the liver. I will have to wait till next week or the week after before the resulting surgery, assuming there will be surgery.

The surgeon needs to have all the boxes ticked so when they make that decision its the right decision. That i can accept although i think i need an interface with this lot so that i can get a better understanding of whats happening to me. He said that i have had bleeding from the area earlier on but that its stopped.

If they dont operate then the next option is to microwave the tumor. i read about this when i first found out about the condition in what seems an age ago. They will stick a prong in through the side and will literally microwave at a low frequency. The last option is chemo in the blood supply.

Im reducing the hours at work as i'm tiring and that sees the pain increase. I will have to see the doctor for pain killers even though i hate to rely on them.

I have McFann coming in for a seminar next week so i will get to see him after all (without him getting dressed up in a nurses uniform but he can still do that if he wants!) and if i can get someone to drive then i hopefully can make Ajarn Chai's seminar to watch. it now looks like i will miss out on Guro Inosanto's visit, i was hoping to go down and say hi to him.

Its the uncertainty that gets you down but Greg warned me about this and i'm learning.

hey! Its a nice day outside. Haven't been on the motorbike for a while. The Triumph will need a run out soon. this pick from a recent 900 mile trip through the Isle of Skye

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Sean said...


I'm really sorry to hear you are unwell mate.


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