Thursday, 30 October 2008

we're off to see the wizard...

I'm travelling this weekend down to Arjarn Chai's seminar in Northampton. During this time i will spend an hour with Bob Spour who is going to put me into a trance and install deep seated healing procedures developed by Bandler. I have discussed this earlier on in the blog.

Last night Bob reseated my way of thinking in a session that lasted an hour over the telephone. I woke up this am invigorated, fresh and alert. I now look at the liver as something that is a healthy functioning organ that wants to return to 100% efficiency. It had been stretched by my work load and has screamed out and so now i see these symptoms as alerts from a fully functioning organ.

This whole way of looking at it flies in the face of societies methods. The Dr's, afraid of the consequences in a litigacious society, tell you that this organ is defective and keep to very safe parameters. But its not, its working and its sent out alerts which have brought me to the Dr's attention. The tumor has a purpose.

Greg told me initially that 1/3rd of cancer patients die of malnutrition, they give up and he told me how he forced food into himself and i followed his lead as i said before in posts. The way we look at cancer needs to change in society from an apocolyptic viewpoint so that the survival rates increase. We all need to delete the previous misconception and replace it with something that is more positive - not a lie.

At my work i have been introducing an application for pricing how much a prospective job will be so that we can bid to our client in an accurate way. The most frustrating thing has not been the bugs in the system but the people, who before they even use the application, dismiss it. This is the danger for cancer sufferers, other peoples attitude and how we can buy into it or surrender ourselves to the general viiew even though it may be totally wrong.

When i was born i didnt wait for my first breath till i'd read the terms or conditions of my particular life. I strived for survival and gasped that precious breath in to live in what was immediately a terminal condition. There's no fair or unfair, it is just 'is' and that instinct to survive and live is still as strong.

So im off to see Ajarn Chai, Marc McFann and ewen Campbell and a man called Bob

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