Wednesday, 22 October 2008



My approach today is to change the way I’m behaving. Since before the diagnosis training had become difficult as I was simply tired and out of breath. With the diagnosis the advice was to stop the training as it would tire me out and to be perfectly the honest I was too tired and out of breath to train. If I climb stairs too quickly I get dizzy as when the heart rate goes too high the liver condition causes shortness of breath. When I am tired I cough. When I exert myself I get dizzy.

This was suitable when expecting imminent surgery, but now we have learnt that surgery gets moved back and if i have to roll with the punches then i have to be fit to do so. I know that if I am strong then I will heal quicker. If I heal quicker I can resume my pleasures in life quicker. If that is the prospect then I am positive in mindset and the loop goes on. I'm responsible for my health, im not a spectator.

So I am initiating a fitness regime today to gently bring myself to a level that can be maintained yet will not tire me. I’ll use the heart rate monitor and hope to do during the week a couple of small kettlebell sessions, some yoga and if Caz will allow me to bring the exercise bike into the house then I will try and cycle. We will take it from there as time goes by. Sort of kills my plans to watch the Chelsea game scoffing a pizza and a few bottle of Spitfire beer (Bottle of Britain!) but needs must. ; )

A kind thank you to all who have texted, email or have called. I can’t respond to everyone but it’s appreciated and it makes a difference Rannoch made a nice post on his blog called gameness which is appreciated. Don't credit me with too much!

My daily quote from seems to be relevant to my thinking:

Our Responsibility

To transform the world, we must begin with ourselves; and what is important in beginning with ourselves is the intention. The intention must be to understand ourselves and not to leave it to others to transform themselves or to bring about a modified change through revolution, either of the left or of the right. It is important to understand that this is our responsibility, yours and mine; because, however small may be the world we live in, if we can transform ourselves, bring about a radically different point of view in our daily existence, then perhaps we shall affect the world at large, the extended relationship with others.

Reminds me of a The The song Lung Shadows: if you cant change the world change yourself. In fact Dusk is an album you should listen to at some point.

Thanks Rob for the Rug! Rob bought me this so i can keep my knees warm when caz pushes me down the beach. I luve ya!

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Philip said...


Respect, for someone who has often found the time to lend me support, and best wishes for the fight ahead.


Phil Cunnington

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