Sunday, 19 October 2008


There are people who can have a significant influence on your life. Pictured above is Bob Spour. A former SAS soldier, martial artist, comedian and NLP trainer, Bob has made me realise over the last few years that what you tell yourself is what generally happens.

So after i had the Dr tell me i had a tumor and i walked the dog isolated in my thoughts and fears, i realised there is a culture of people telling us what we can do and cant. The big C as they used to refer to cancer holds a fear over the psyche and we are told that we will die!

But i dont want to. And im not going to, firstly its not severe enough and more importantly i will kick it out and live my life the way i get the most out of it. Our first breath is a terminal condition after all!

Look at Lance Armstrong, his condition was far worse and he defied the 'experts'. Why? Because he kept inputting data to his psyche saying he would win. My iPod plays the music i put into it and our body and mind are exactly the same. So my input will be positive and i will ignore other peoples negativity. Delete button - erase!

Bob has taught me that in the last few years.

Guro Dan Inosanto is another influential person. I haven't moaned about some things because i look at a 72 year old man who trains all day every day and has a schedule that would leave me destroyed! He has shown me that i don't have to bend to the stereotype and that i can achieve all the time in my own way. His focus and dedication has left a major influence on me.

Marc McFann, Erik Paulson, i could list so many right down to my son, but right now i need love i need strength and i need to be focused.

So if so many cancer patients die from malnutrition and the diseases feed off weak bodies nutrition is important.

Breakfast was an oat based protein shake, Granola cereal and two bits of toast with marmalade and a cup of tea (hey its sunday!)with a small mix of psyllium with milk thistle in it. I then mix a glass of water with a measure of lifeforce greens which really gives me energy.

I set out the training session at 12 for Chris Moir who has a thai fight coming up. Bill held the pads but only after several rounds of hurdles and the agility ladder.

We had to move stuff out of storage so Caz and i did that and its tired me. I want to walk the dog and that will be it for the night. Bisping did well last night in the UFC but i didn't like Lytle's reasoning in his fight. He'll pay later on in life for that slug fest when he has the skills to take people down and win without taking so much punishment. You have kids man, get your priorities right! The graveyard is full of people who thought it was important to entertain people.

So im off to walk the dog.... in the rain. But its ok, its a pleasure


Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Hang in there, Pat! I have no doubt that you, like another Scotsman I know (Alwyn Cosgrove), will beat the hell out of the cancer and come back the stronger for it.


AMAG-News said...

Thanks Doc!
In March at the Inosanto Academy you tried to encourage me into the kettlebells class and i was keen but so tired. You were disapointed but i guess we now know why i was unable to take part.
Next March its a definate! Hold that place for me.
Its a Welsh kilt by the way!

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