Saturday, 25 October 2008

Loch Ness Monster

Up in inverness tonight. Last night wasn't great. Pain and a chilly feeling, like a cold. I slept after work although Kali did try to wake me up to show me her new ball when she got back from her walk with Caz. I went down and watched Rays superb kettlebell class and then we came home and ate about 8ish.

Today i trained three fighters setting out circuits with agility ladders, 12 cm hurdles, grip plates and sprint restrainers. Those guys worked hard as did Ross and Scott who were doing the pad holding. I taught the Phase 1 class that covers the fundamentals of the arts.

I had to explain that the class is not basics, something you leave behind, but a fundementals class. As the fundamentals are something you carry through all the time.

Bob has taught me the significance of language and how it can motivate or lose a student and while some don't buy into NLP it works for me. Another great example is Guro Inosanto who rather than tell me that I'm doing something wrong, he says "you can do it that way also" before showing the correct method. That really helps me as a student.

I use this lesson right through this blog and I will not falter due to others insecurities. Be strong! Have purpose!

So Ive eaten and I'll spend time with Caz's family tonight. We will walk the dog in the morning by Dores, next to Loch Ness where she'll bark at the monster.

Thanks to the messages you guys send, it does help. Several have also let me into their secret that they too have survived cancer and their endorsement means i will keep going with this blog.

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