Friday, 23 January 2009

YES! Communication!

Dear Mr Davies

I wonder if you have heard anything back from BUPA yet regarding your application for Sorafenib? I tried to contact them on the undernoted telephone number yesterday but it is 'unobtainable'. I have left a message on another number I found through the website but have had no result. I am out of the office on Monday but if I don't have anything definite in by my return I will need to try and chase this up again on Tuesday.

Kind regards,

xxx(PA to Dr xxxxx)

Hi XXX, just phoned BUPA and apparently they have given the go ahead, but
notification hasn't been sent out for no apparent reason.
I'm on the phone chasing them up as i type and will advise of any other information when i have it. They will call me back.[the department has been evacuated for some reason - is this the kitchen sink?]

Hi Mr Davies,

I have just managed to get hold of BUPA myself. They have confirmed that
they have approved treatment with Sorafenib and said that a letter would
come directly to yourself. The person I spoke to did give me a
pre-authorisation number of xxxxxx so we can go ahead and start treatment
without waiting for the written confirmation. I am on annual leave on
Monday but I have copied this email to Dr xxxx for information.

With kind regards,

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