Sunday, 4 January 2009

know where you are

You can't really figure out how to get where you want to be until you know where you are. Doesn't that make sense?

  • The tumor is a result of an imbalance in the liver - how did that happen?
  • Chemo will now deal with the tumor since surgery failed - what does it leave?
  • The liver will need to deal with the virus in it and regenerate - how to do that?
  • The way i live my life will have to adapt to my requirements- can this be achieved?

In this blog have dealt with all these questions but I feel that it is important to keep on top of them, keeping the focus but adapting them dynamically so that they remain relevant.

How did it happen?
I didn't know i had HCV and reading into it i now see that there could be many people like me with a ticking time bomb. A blood test can clear it up. It can be healed. Wasting time speculating how i got it would not serve any person and distracts my focus, looking for blame rather than channeling the focus to healing.

What does it leave?
The chemo will stop and reduce the tumor. Whilst the Doctor says there is a risk it may not totally go away i visualise it gone, as a friend that warned me that my liver was in danger. Then i am left with a liver in bad condition.

How to heal the liver?
We have looked at the liver and iscussed what an amazing organ it is. It can regenerate and if i use all the means available i will be able to return to a high standard of health. That will involve pharmaceutical drugs, alternative medicines, diet and focus.

Can this be achieved?

Tomorrow i contact the hospital to find out the date for starting the chemo course. I also contact the HR dept to see about possible reintroduction in the workplace before the end of January. I am looking at flights for LA to train at the March Instructors camp. I am able to look forward because i know where i am.

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