Friday, 9 January 2009

Friday fish

the news Caz got yesterday tea time was wonderful for us both! She needed to have tests to see if she had contracted HCV off me and its a big negative. This is great news and a big worry off us, Caz as she isn't infected and me as i haven't caused her harm! It also means I'm unlikely to be virulent and so therefore getting rid of the disease is easier but also i can participate in certain activities safe in the knowledge that i am not a risk to their health.

Had a meeting today with work where I requested they make an appointment with their doctors to assess my fitness to return to work at the end of the month. Aberdeen is about to go into a real tough time with the oil price so low, so jobs are under threat. Whilst i don't see myself in that firing line, it would be good to get back to my career and that would enhance my healing.

I heard that one of the guys in the ward when i was in hospital, John Yule, passed over this morning. Whilst i feel the sadness for his family who will miss him, i hope they treasure that last Christmas together. I talked with John straight after he received the terminal notice and, whilst sad and afraid, he was relieved to know. He said it would be weeks which wouldhave taken him into mid december.

I sat down with him and told him the experience i had with my mum, where i had just two weeks notice and how we got through christmas together which i will aways be thankful for. I asked John to think about that, to see himself as lasting beyond christmas and giving his loved ones that lasting memory to treasure the rest of their lives. Whilst i dont know how much of that he took on board, knowing that he made Christmas gave me a big smile.

Right off to walk the dog and go past the shop to get some vegetables for tea.

Ewen McGregor was spotted on his vintage Triumph in LA. I like it and might look around for a wrecked Bonney in the future. This one is pictured with Pink on it but i don't want to buy 'style'.

The model below is similar to mine, which i cant wait to get back on. Will try and give it a polish once i can move it without hurting myself. I've been out there and started it up once a week and it starts up no problem. My school took me to watch Easy Rider which sold me years ago and the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is one of life's must reads - at least the first chapter.

Live like a monk and be as healthy as the monks of Mount Athos!

Salad days: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

Breakfast Hard bread, tea
Lunch Pasta or rice,vegetables, olive oil
Dinner Lentils, fruit and salad, olive oil. Red wine
Monday, Wednesday and Friday no olive oil
Holidays and feast days Fish and seafood

Wonders of Athos

— Most of the monasteries on Athos run on “Byzantine time”, with the clock resetting at sunset

— Legend has it that women were banned because the monks became too frisky with shepherdesses

— Vatopedhiou, Prince Charles’ favoured retreat, claims to have saints’ bones, the whip used to scourge Christ, St Stephen’s ear, fragments of the True Cross, and the Virgin Mary’s chastity girdle

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