Thursday, 15 January 2009

Update- 15th

Not a lot to report except that i heard from BUPA that they received the information from the consultant. I await their decision. I looked back to the time taken to get this far and my first Doctor appointment - August 21st. Three months later i underwent surgery and here we are a month and a half on and still at the start line!

I was at work today to pick up tickets for a Company Dinner and Dance in a couple of weeks and got to see many people i havent seen and who never knew till I disapeared of my predicament. Some great responses that mean a lot and hopefully i'll be back soon. i do have to insist on people treating me with positivity though as it's almost against the grain to do so.

I'm going to offer my services at work as a volunteer listener to anyone who has difficulties/illness, whatever they are. I feel that the lessons learned from this exercise should be used to assist others.

I'm walking the dog, i then cycle for about an hour in front of the telly. I'm onto season 4 of the Sopranos! I have dropped my doseage of the MST by half, see how that goes.

So Chelsea made it past the slippery banana skin to get to the next round of the FA cup. They will face Ipswich, a town i know well and where i watched Bobby Robson's side in the late 70's. I recall travelling with the Ipswich guys to Stamford Bridge and nipping into the Shed as they trooped precariously to the open North Stand in whatturned out to be a high scoring thriller. I was at school in Ipswich and am in contact with only a couple of treasured friends.

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Anonymous said...

You're doin' it big guy. Keep it up, as we know you will!

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