Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday morning blues

With the interest generated through this blog, Bob Spour will be conducting an NLP lecture/workshop on the weekend 7/8th Feb 2009. On the Friday night he will conduct his explosive self protection session (£10) at 7-9pm. There will be Thai Boxing and Ultmate Self Protection on the Saturday afternoon/Sunday midday and an NLP workshop so watch out for details!

Ok, so it wasn't the fact that we lost but it's the fact that we got a real kicking. There is no papering over the cracks and Scolari obviously isn't the right man for the job and nor is there the sack loads of cash there to deal with it. It needs someone who can enforce an order to quality players out of sorts especially when you look at the quality of the players, however old some of them are becoming.the season isn't over but the proof is in the pudding and a team with a high scoring rate that suddenly can't hit the side of a barn is evidence that something is very wrong.

Nice of Ben to invite us round though.

Walked the Dog - tick

30 minutes on the cycle - tick
Changed dressing - tick

Filled in legal forms - tick

Right, its lunchtime.

this afternoon requires book keeping, dog walking, another session on the cycle

Madstock is back!!!

Now confirmed for 17th July 2008 at Victoria Park, London.

BBC sports host David Vine dies. An institution.

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