Thursday, 29 January 2009

On your marks!

Monday morning i have an appointment at Clinic D with the consultant to discuss starting the pill and i guess that means the course starts next week! We have been given a reference number by the insurers but no letter as yet.

Picture of Caz and I dressed up last Saturday here! Think i scrubbed up pretty well! The good looking one has her birthday tomorrow! 21 again!

Its been a cold windy day in which i have felt exhausted and slept through the afternoon. Early night tonight i think. I have a conference call in the morning to discuss working at home, a process to gradually bring me back into the fold.

Helio Gracie died today at 95. What a legacy he leaves behind, impacting on the direction of martial arts in the world that shares a shelf with the likes of Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto. I first heard of the Gracies through the late Sifu Larry Hartsell in 1988 and my instructor Rick Young was the first UK based Brit to train in 1990 with Rickson Gracie who was pioneering BJJ in the USA. Now in AMAG we have Peter Richardson pioneering it in Aberdeen at a level that is extraordinary.

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Keith Rankine said...

I am glad you let your hair grow for the photo

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