Monday, 21 September 2009

Mondays blues

Not very well today. Feel nauseous.
But what a great day yesterday!

Took the Fighters Training and what a great session it was. Everyone put in 100% and really did themselves credit!

Then i went out on my bike with three others. Just short a 100 mile blast, on the back roads out to Alford, across to Aboyne, and home again. I don't normally go out in a group so that made a nice change.

Got to listen to the radio with the chels beating spurs and then had tea!

Gil Scott Heron has a new album out next years - try here for a sample

Back to bed time. : (

J Krishnamurti

If I had no concept about myself, what would happen to me?

Why have I, who have lived forty, fifty, sixty - or whatever number of years it is that one has lived - why have I gathered this store-houseful of what I think, what I feel, what I am, what I should be, this accumulation of experience, knowledge?

And if I had not done that, what would happen?

Do you understand? If I had no concept about myself, what would happen to me? I would be lost, wouldn't I? I would be uncertain, terribly frightened of life. So I build an image, a myth, a concept, a conclusion about myself, because without this framework life would become for me utterly meaningless, uncertain, fearful: there would be no security. I may be secure outwardly; I may have a job, a house, and all the rest of it, but inwardly also I want to be completely secure. And it is the desire to be secure that compels me to build this image of myself, which is verbal. Do you understand?

It has no reality at all; it is merely a concept, a memory, an idea, a conclusion.

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