Friday, 4 September 2009

It's raining it's pouring..

80mm of rain yesterday recorded at the Airport! The Met Office said the area was being swamped by the remnants of Tropical Storm Danny, which caused dangerous conditions in America last week.

Aberdeen saw 0.75in (17mm) of rainfall overnight Wednesday to Thursday morning. The average rainfall for Aberdeen in September is 2.7in (68.3mm) – that’s 25% of the month’s rain in one night.

Hopefully this means the rest of September will be fantastic!

The deluge was on a day when i had a van to take the hedge cuttings to the recycling depot. Three full vans later, i was tired and soaked right through. I have one more trip today.

In lower lying ground around Aberdeen, flooding has closed roads and seen cars abandoned.

John Maitland, pictured below, came around and finished off putting up the new doors and what a difference it makes to the house!

Think I'll get myself this automatic garage opener:

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Wullie said...

I think you'd be more likely to get kicked through the door if you tried that with Caz!

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