Friday, 25 September 2009

Friends of Anchor

I've still heard nothing from the Pharmacy as yet. So no Sorafenib to take.

At the same time i feel wonderful and rolled in the BJJ class last night! No side effects but for cramps in the forearm due to making the mistake of rolling with a white belt, who's interpretation of 'light' was to go balistic! Yes You Alan!

I'm more alert and energetic. Its a wonderful sunny day and the bike run in was a blast!

The Beast known as Bronwyn

Still, need to reduce this damn tumour! And heres an email telling me the new months supply awaits me.

The company i work for, Subsea7 asked me where they could put some money for charity. Since they refused my bank account as a charity, i suggested the Anchor Unit at ARI.

Bob Spour is up tonight so we'll do a NLP session and revisualise certain areas. Its ALL positives!

dog tired

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