Sunday, 20 September 2009

Are you a card carrier?

Last week I pointed you to the Donor issue and we read about writer Frank Deasy who told of his urgent wait for a donor liver. His account of his plight sparked a huge demand for organ donor cards. Last Wednesday his wait ended but, tragically, he died on the operating table. Read here.

In his death there will be life! Each year 1,000 people die while awaiting a transplant, an ­ average of three a day. Sign up here!

You can register as an NHS organ donor in a matter of seconds online at, or call 0300 123 23 23

A night full of cramps again and I didn't do much exercise yesterday. Maybe with the Sorafenib not being put into the body - who knows. About 30 minutes during the night.

Still i hear that the
Banana Splits are coming back to TV !

"`I want a clean cup,' interrupted the Hatter: `let's all move one place on.'

He moved on as he spoke, and the Dormouse followed him: the March Hare moved into the Dormouse's place, and Alice rather unwillingly took the place of the March Hare. The Hatter was the only one who got any advantage from the change: and Alice was a good deal worse off than before, as the March Hare had just upset the milk-jug into his plate."
-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

With the talk of the next election already being inserted in every sentence, the Mad Hatters tea party comes to mind. The disenfranchisement of huge sections of the popultion to the parliamentary process sees less that 50% voting and with the recent MP's expenses uproar, will that drop further? Whatever it is, it isn't working, although some seem to be making a fortune out of it.

People who favour a radically different society do not write much about health care. I’m not speaking of liberals or social democrats, but individuals who prefigure a society that empowers communities in which decisions are made directly by people in said communities.

It’s understandable why they are reluctant to write about health care at great length; for a real, democratic, free health care system based on the needs of the community, in which decisions are decided collectively by health care personnel together with members of the respective community, a complete transformation of extant communities is required.

Remember, just because you only hear two voices, it doesn't mean there is not a third! YOURS!

Rudy Giuliani: "When you confront a problem you begin to solve it."

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