Friday, 7 August 2009


Alan feeds Dextor
My sister came and stayed for a few days so it was great to see her. There we were on Wed night, Caz and I, my son Perry, Kali and Kate. Wish i got a picture of it but we were enjoying the moment too much! As soon as she left on Thursday, Dextor came around with his new Dad Alan!

With work, well it's been a busy week and has left me exhausted. If i'm to return to full time work I need to build the endurance up. I was out on the mountain bike with the dog running alongside. Kettlebells tonight.

The weather has been glorious and I have been out on the Triumph quite a bit. Maybe i'll get a longer blast at the weekend. We are looking at different properties right now, in the hope of finding something we would love to live in. We have seen a couple but one sticks out, so we are racing to finish decorating so we can put our house on the market and get into the game.

"Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream." ~Malcolm Muggeridge

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