Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The McFann Experience

UFA Camp 09
Looking after Marc McFann is very easy, especially since we are both very comfortable in each others company. While the seminar was going well, I left early feeling very tired. This didn't stop me from staying up late with him, enjoying webcam and skype conversations with others is the US.

It was the getting up early to get him to the train station and then going into work which did the damage. By Wednesday night i was exhausted and only slightly recovered for the trip down to Northampton on Friday. When I'm exhausted and I need to book hotels, I can get very confused and so not for the first time recently, I booked our accommodation for the wrong weekend. Luckily the woman in charge was able to address the situation.

Friday nights meal was just around the corner from the hotel but I didn't have a big appetite. Thai food must be one of my favourites though, so i did my best especially as it was high quality. Then it was bed early for the weekends camp. Cramps are a bi-product of travelling for me I'm afraid, but I was lucky that they were not really bad.

Marc is a survivor too. He's had skin cancer, hip replacement surgery, smashed ankles and there's more, yet continues to train albeit with a separated collar bone and rib that keeps popping out! In this sense he is a role model that i use.

Marc has the Independence to look outside the box and resolve problems affecting his health, in particular the side effects of Statins, that Doctors cant necessarily do but would not stop. It is this type of resolve which has driven me and continues to drive my quest to return to decent quality of life. Whatever this cure or solution is, I OWN IT!

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