Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Opera non Verba

I have kettlebell inside thighs.

That's the feeling a day or two after a kettlebell session when your inside thighs are tight and sore.

McFann arrives today. The last time he was here i was in hospital, i think. Its blurred from the Morphine i was on. So it feels like a very long time since i last saw him.

I first met Marc in 94 at Bob Breens. He was just back from training with Suwanda and what i saw was so different it was simply indescribable. I now know it to be his unique Silat Groundfighting and I have asked him to teach that tonight. Before grappling was popular, Marc had a fearsome reputation and whilst also participating with Rick Young, who was the first Brit to train with Rickson Gracie, we dived fully into the water of McFanns grappling experience. What an experience it has been too!

But there's far more to McFanns arsenal than grappling and that continues to amaze me on each visit. I have been to Marcs home in the US, training in his academy. I have seen him ill and him conquer adversity when few would have the strength. For this, he is truly an inspiration.

“I love the challenge.”

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Wullie said...

What does "virtus in vultus of adversum" mean?

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