Monday, 6 July 2009

Travelling Around

After a restful and well earned time out session in Estapona, we returned relaxed and energised. I had a Thursday lunch with George Scott, a manager of mine on and off for the last 13 years, who was leaving the company due to the current redundancies taking place. Without his influence i would have left that company several years ago, but he was instrumental in changing my career and getting the best out of me.
The Houses of Parliament
Friday we headed off to London. This weekend had been pencilled in for Guro Dan Inosanto, but he'd been cancelled for various reasons. Our flights and hotel were non refundable so Caz and I went down anyway.

We saw Bob Breen on the Friday night before having a nice meal in Hoxton. Saturday morning saw us head off to the London Eye and take in the view across London. A great experience if you have never done it, but get there early!
Eye Eye
We then went around Covent Garden which was quite hard to get to as the Gay Pride Celebration was on and many streets through Soho were closed off. London was busy with this event and the Blur concert and the Take That event.

We escaped the shopping crush and returned to Bob Breens Academy to see Rick Young and Terry Barnett and those participating in the training. It was good to speak with Rick and I'll comment in the post tomorrow over something we talked about. That night we returned to Covent Garden to eat and in the open air we enjoyed Italian food. My shins had cramped up during the day but i had no cramps at night happily.

"Greatly begin. Though thou have time, but for a line, be that sublime. Not failure, but low aim is crime." Russell Lowell

Sunday we went to Camden Market and took in the alternative shopping and lifestyles that bring so much richness to life in general. Its been a long time since i'd been there, hopefully the next one will be on a quieter day! Soon we headed to Heathrow - Terminal 5 is a great terminal - and got home 10pm at night. Exhausted!

I found this photo of two guys wearing Crocs in Gibraltar. As a long time advocate against the wearing of these I use this photo to show the absurdity of them! Great for kids but a No No for adults.

=== - Daily Quote ===

Perception brings its own action

To see what is, is really quite arduous. How does one clearly observe? A river when it meets an obstruction is never still; the river breaks down an obstruction by its weight or goes over it or works its way under it or around it; the river is never still; it cannot but act. It revolts, if we can so put it, intelligently. One must revolt intelligently and accept what is intelligently.

To perceive what is there must be the spirit of intelligent revolt. Not to mistake a stump needs a certain intelligence; but generally one is so eager to get what one wants, that one dashes against the obstacle; either one breaks oneself against it or one exhausts oneself in the struggle against it. To see the rope as the rope needs no courage, but to mistake the rope for a snake and then to observe needs courage. One must doubt, ever search, see the false as the false.

One gets power to see clearly through the intensity of attention; you will see it will come. One has to act; the river is never
not-acting, it is ever active. One must be in a state of negation, to act; this very negation brings its own positive action. I think the problem is to see clearly, then that very perception brings its own action. When there is elasticity there is no question of right and wrong.

One must be very clear within oneself. Then I assure you everything will come right; be clear and you will see that things will shape themselves right without your doing anything about it. The right is not what one desires.

There must be complete revolution, not only in great things, but in little everyday things.

Letters to a Young Friend - 10

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