Friday, 10 July 2009

The rash returns

The rash is reappearing and i'm on it as quickly as i can. Im drinking water and moisturising to stop the itch that agitates it.

Arianna Huffington: "The fastest way to break the cycle of perfectionism and become fearless… is to give up the idea of doing it perfectly - indeed to embrace uncertainty and imperfection."


Anonymous said...

Is that a fine Cuban cigar in your hand? If so, blow some smoke on the rash. It won't help, but the cigar should taste good.

Take care of yourself!


Wullie said...

Only one thing better than a Cuban - it's watching T in the park main stage with a cuban. The legends return.
It dosn't matter what type of music you are into - everything begins and ends with the Specials!


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