Thursday, 23 July 2009

Reframing my outlook

I'm reframing my outlook. With the converstaion and feedback on the considered opinion of the NHS' finest, i have to reset what i saw as the defined path. It was a mistake to presume in the first place.

I'm now getting up early, reconditioning my body to early mornings. I will build this up in order to map a path back to full time work. Alongside this I will increase my fitness regime which, whilst it will at first tire me, will give me greater endurance later on. At the moment though I'm having to sleep for an hour and a bit in the afternoon!

This flexibility to reset the way we view ourselves or our predicaments is one of the strengths of human nature. We do not have to be tied to dogma. We can be flexible even if determined.

Frank Forencich: "When individual human bodies become healthier, they also become more creative and make better decisions. They engage with the world and with their communities. They create better solutions and increase the general welfare. Physical happiness is thus essential to a sustainable future. When we change our bodies, we change the world"

Speaking of examples of health, here's a clip of the Pogues at the recent Madstock!

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