Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I'm a wealthy man

Picture by Victor Gendrano Jr

Most people consider wealth in terms of commodities or binary figures on a bank statement. Wealth for me is much much more than that and is about the richness in my life.

Whilst in London, I got the opportunity to speak with one of the most prolific martial arts instructors in the UK. We talked about our schools, our training, our personal circumstances and our choices that make us wealthy, not just in monetary terms. At the end of this the comment was made, quite genuinely that he was sorry about my health situation. I cut him short at this point and insisted there was nothing to be sorry for.

There is no contact or terms and conditions at conception, so our lives are not mapped out. What has happened in this illness is that I will come out of is a deeper appreciation for what I have, whether it be the ones I love or the depth of friendships i have made. It's far too easy for us to get caught up in the stresses of life and to ignore what we really have.

I have sacrificed times with Caz or my son Perry to do things that I was deluded into thinking I needed to do. That time cannot be regained, its gone. But now i can wallow in their riches and love and appreciate what i really do have.

That makes me a very wealthy man.

The Madstock tickets have arrived! With all the time at home I have been able to listen to my music and discover other genres that I hadn't heard before. The deep thud of Dub or reggae has boomed out of open windows into the garden on many a day. The Ska tunes have picked me up and the jazz has let my mind relax and wander.

Still doing the stairs at work, press ups in the morning and kettle bell swings in the evening. I can feel the momentum.......

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