Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Update on the Itch

The Dr has taken me off the Sorafenib for a week. I'm on Cetirizine Hydrochloride to stop the itch and to use moisturising cream over the body. I'm still juicing and drinking loads of water.

Today i went back to work for 3 hours. I'll do 3 days at 3 hours for a couple of weeks and we'll take it from there. The Dr has advised me not to travel to the US as this will wear me out and insurance issues will come into play.

I forgot to mention that Bob Spour went and did a session with Alec McLeish, the manager of Birmingham FC. Using his advice, they changed the way they talked to players leading upto the final game in which they clinched promotion. I hope this opens some more business for him.

Caz has been up at Inverness and I look forward to her return tonight. My son Perry moved to his own flat yesterday and I helped shift some stuff for him. After a superb victory over Arsenal, its been a good few days even with the itch!

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