Sunday, 3 May 2009

Cancer saved my life!

It's already been a busy May.

Bob flew in on Friday and so we had a relaxing Friday night.
Saturday we are up and out the door early to get down to Glasgow to present an Ultimate Self Protection course we are staging monthly over 6 months. This worked out well and we made it home around 8.30 at night exhausted.

Not so tired that Bob did some therapy on me to encourage healing of the body in a subconscious manner.

Using the metaphor of a snowman melting in the sun, this now is a visualisation of my tumor shrinking and disappearing.
If it were not for the tumor the deterioration of the liver would have continued and been irreparable, but the Tumor popped its head over the trench waving a flag to attract attention and, whilst it is time for the tumor to go now it's done it's job, it has alerted us to the chronic Liver situation.

This reframing of how Cancer is seen simply destroys the old taboos that exist all around me and which subliminally affect my recovery. If the cancerous tumor isn't seen as the apocalyptic threat then it won't have the better of me. Fear makes things bigger, but we have put this in perspective, reframed it and taken the fear away.

No Fear No Doubt!

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