Saturday, 23 May 2009

That's What Good Friends Are For...

I don't need to ask because it is irrelevant, its a distraction.

The Sun have run a story - if that's what you call it - on my friend and readers of this blog will know him from my tales.

In my illness I have received phone calls from Bob who has always been there to offer without hesitation words of encouragement. He has done things for me that have set me on a path where I will survive this critical illness. When he's been busy he's found the time to give me call, sometimes at appropriate times where i've been down, very down.

I first met Bob on a course in Arbroath where he was teaching Muay Thai . I invited him to my school and we bowled over by his knowledge and presentation of Muay Thai. Twenty years before i had read his editorials in the Combat Martial Arts magazine religiously and still have copies of them. Since then we have become an active school in Phraya Pichai organisation and our standard has improved greatly from his teaching.

I have introduced him to world class martial artists who have all been impressed by his teaching and i'm not talking about mcdojo artists either. These are veterans who don't take fools lightly.

All in all I have met people who have been helped by Bob. they will stand up and be counted. He could be a millionaire if he was ambitious, but he's too busy enjoying life with his partner. They have invited me into their home and are genuine people.

I have a friend who has been a true pal. That's good enough for me.

The itch has cleared up and my energy levels are on the up. I'm learning not to overstep the boundaries so not to tire myself out. I've been back at work for 9 hours a week, pushing it up to 12 next week. Small steps are all that are required.

Bobs up in a fortnight. A welcome guest.


Wullie said...

Will Bob be up to do some NLP?

Wullie said...

Just read that link....
Yet again the papers try to tell people what to believe and bring down a genuine good guy.
I feel the power the press has to make or break someone is terrible -especially genuine good people - which this country seems to be lacking in lately.
The press are all to quick to blame government for the state of the country but we all know that it's the press that win elections.
I think the press treat people like they are stupid and can't think for themselves.
I haven't bought a paper for about 3 years simply because of this type of thing. But hopefully those that do buy papers still think for themselves and don't take everything as Gospel?

Anonymous said...

Papers, especially that one, are full of rubbish. Anyone with half a brain knows that.

Anonymous said...

The Sun's a fucking RAG!! IMHO


Agreeing with poster above!

Anonymous said...

Just seen this link on another site. Why has bob Spour gone all so very quite and not stood his ground against the Sun if it is a load of lies. Sorry but Bob was quick to slag other people off in the press like the Daily Star so I have no sympathy for him.
Email if you want to reply without posting on here. I would be interested to know

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