Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Over the weekend

Last Thursday's clinic was a good one. My potassium was down to 5 but before they knew that from the blood tests, they gave me a tub of Calcium Resonium to use. This is a calcium powder mixed with some water that tastes like liquid chalk.

<-- Caz driving through Glenshee

When I got back from Edinburgh I took two drinks and one in the morning before I got a phone call telling me not to use it as my levels were just 5. Oh well! At least the weather was great and I enjoyed the garden.

I also got a bit of a lecture, a warning. Seeing that I am doing very well and knowing that I'm keen to be better the Transplant Team are worried that I do too much. They went to great lengths to explain that the organs, blood vessels etc around the liver have a lot of micro stitches that will not survive if I start exercising that area. I can walk and work my arms but that is it till 3 months are past.

So I have been walking with Kali and now can walk around 3 miles without being too exhausted. My legs have a limited endurance but I'm feeling the improvement. I can see the improvement in my general appearance too.

Friday night saw a visit from Edinburgh Rob with his son Sam and pal Andrew who came and picked up a shed that I had and didn't want. I was visited by Ollie Chew on Saturday, a long term student of AMAG and a fellow motorcyclist. Sunday saw Perry come out and spend the night, so all in all a welcome distraction of visitors from the monotony of home life. In the meantime, three AMAG fighters were down in Dunfermline winning their fights, a testimony to the strength of AMAG.

I went in on Monday night to the gym while Caz trained. Not as emotional as the previous visit and I was feeling great being there. It was a long day but I was doing well. I was tired this morning though!

Tomorrow I am going to look at a Chicken coop that we might imitate for when we get our hens. I'm also going into the woods to pick up twigs for kindling for the fire. Kali will chase the deer while I collect and recycle dead wood.

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Anonymous said...

要保持更新呦,加油!!!期待你的新文章!!! ........................................

Bindi said...

I can't see Caz giving you back your car!! ;-) xx

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