Sunday, 9 May 2010

Presumed Consent

In a television advertisement to be aired in Wales this month, Kerrianne Phillips is filmed in her hospital bed as if it were on death row. She has been ill for a very long time and needs a new liver, but there are simply not enough. It is proposed that a system of presumed consent could replace donor cards in Wales by spring next year - discussed here.

Now, I was lucky in that it took 15 days and I was a priority, unlike Kerrieanne. I can now look forward to a longer life whilst she is still trapped in her pain. There are many children waiting for livers to become available as well.

The problem I have with the presumed consent is that it takes the principle that the State owns your body. Yet it is clear that people who may well agree with donorship simply are not signing up and carrying a card. It could be something that they are asked on every visit to their Doctors surgery as an annual question. There must be a way of having a regular approach to those who have not signed up without resorting to State Control.

Please, please, do sign up if you agree with your organs giving life to others. This link will show you how easy it is!


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Keith & Rimma said...

But isn't the trouble with donor cards that the family still have the option to veto the card holders previous decision. I carry one (although not much use now 'cos I have eaten british beef in the last 10 years and the NZ Government are worried about BSE) and have previously discussed what I want done with my family. The decision should be with the card holder alone as it is too emotional a time to decide what should be done with a loved ones organs.
I'm off my soapbox now.
Good to see you are on the mend. When are you holidaying in NZ?

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