Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Movin' on

I spent the Thursday night in ARI with an infusion that put 2.5 litres into me and I had several calcium drinks that was literally liquid chalk. This brought the potassium down to 5 and the next afternoon I was allowed home.

Hospital isn't a place for rest and so after the Thursdays clinic trip and the night in ARI I was completed exhausted and the weekend showed it. It wasn't until Sunday late afternoon that I perked up and in the warm sun I took Kali for a walk.

Monday morning wasn't that great but after an afternoon nap I was able to accompany Caz up to the gym. This was more of an emotional test than a physical one but I came away stronger having talked with a select few. If I didn't speak to anyone reading this pleas don't take any disrespect, I had to manage what I was going through. I'll catch you soon.

Today I woke up feeling sick and spent the day doing paperwork. I then walked a decent walk that I would do pre-op, so that has lifted me. That's two major steps in the gym visit and a long walk.
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