Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A Scorcher!

27 degrees according to the car temp and that wasn't at the hottest part of the day! It's been a scorcher and no cold breeze of the North Sea to spoil it, one of the reasons Aboyne was high on our list of where we wanted to live.

Gettingup around 7.30am, I took my daily feast of tablets as required and decided to take Kali up to the Bridge and Tower of Ess at the Glen Taner Estate. It was sunny and warm and we walked up the incline and dropped down to the river.

Whilst we didnt really go that far, it was a decent walk for me, especially wit the incline and I wasnt exhausted afterwards.

I wore my new Vibram Five Fingers (VFF) which are my second pair and are more for trail walking/running. These simulate you being barefoot, with a vibram sole that protects our soft feet from the likes of stones or over objects that could harm. It does improve your posture and my feet feel so much better than being cramped into ill fitting shoes. This replicates how we are designed to be rather than indulging in the over engineered cushioned athletic shoes that are/were the fashion.
[If you look at the section "Blogs I Read", I first got info about VFF from the Traceless Warrior. If you look back in his archives you will find a lot of info]

The difference that Im feeling is that I can feel myself getting stronger, I'm not exerting myself too much but I feel that I am on the eve of a new dawn. I have a refurbished Spinning bike that I will soon be working out on. I will be trying to increase the strength in my legs, my cardio and endurance without hitting the core muscles that are fragile at the moment. I find it bizarre that I'm eating ok, not exercising a lot but my weight is today at 76.9kg, 12 stone!

See if you can read the inscription on this?

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