Friday, 14 May 2010

Promising feedback

After a week of feeling a bit run down, waking in teh mornings feeling a bit sickly, Thursday's visit to ERI Clinic was a bit of an anxious one. The one before had not been the best and I was worried that there may be something underlying that they may pick up on.

Being awake at 5am didn't help , even though I did sleep a good bit in the car, so when Caz dropped me off at the clinic - she takes Kali for a walk during this time - I knew my blood pressure reading would be high. Presenting myself at the reception, they looked bemused as I wasn't on the list! Turned out someone had entered the wrong date and to be fair I didn't have to wait long.

This week i got to see a Professor Forbes who had been involved with me throughout, although I couldn't say whether he had taken any active part in the surgery. He was there on every doctors visit so had seen me in various states. He looked at me and went back in his seat and said "You are looking well" already making it a good visit!

Based on what he saw and the discussion he reduced the steroid I take to just 10mg and the Tacrolimus to 1.5mg twice a day. He stressed that once I reach 3 months, most of the medication will be stopped and the whole world will seem a lot different. This was encouraging. To top the visit they also said I could go onto fortnightly visits, which is earlier than normal.

I slept on the way home. I had a relaxing evening, reading my book and watching some of the recent UFC.

Today I have felt invigorated. I walked a good two walks, the morning one being at a quicker pace. I pottered about in the garden, read and felt generally a lot better than I have for a week or so. I saw the Longino's the other day, who live on the other side of the hill - Tarland way - and it was mentioned how much better I look than pre op. After the good clinic visit I am starting to feel it as well! Might be down to Kali's ritual ceremony of watering the standing stones!

This weekend we go to celebrate Caz's nieces birthday up in Inverness. I'll keep away from the party as kids tend to carry a lot of illnesses that I shouldn't be near right now. With the FA Cup on I'll be tuned in and hopefully Chelsea will win the double. I turned down a ticket for the Wembley game as I am not well enough to endure the trip. Next year though!

A violet can never become a rose, but the violet in itself can be a perfect flower.

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