Saturday, 13 March 2010

On the list

They said I could give up at any time, that I wouldn't beat the machine, but they ended up turning the machine off

Well that's me on the list, it was confirmed about 4pm on Friday but I'd felt I'd won it earlier on. I had to do a fitness test on the friday morning on the bicycle, linked up to a computer. The Dr overseeing the testing said at one point that I should give up when I felt ready, and a couple of minutes laughed that I wouldn't beat the machine. He turned it off two minutes later.
Then I had a meet with the surgeon. He was very much disengaged from personality but in the end he was chatting with me freely. I knew then I had his vote. Their major concern is me jumping back into physical training too quickly. I dealt with that.

There was a consideration that as i have a ticking time bomb in my body that they would simply take the first liver regardless of condition, even one they would normally refuse but after a call to BUPA, it was confirmed that my Sorafenib medication would be extended for 6 months. This allows them to make sure i don't get a liver with a tumour in it or with any other disease.

I saw two people during my stay who have both had transplants so I learnt a lot from them, one of which had returned to competitive contact sport withing 18 months. They say it takes a year to really recover and I am not allowed to travel abroad before then.

So thats it! I cant go further than an hour from my house and the tendency is that the phone call will come after 8pm. An ambulance will be dispatched and about 6am I will be operated on, an 8 hour operation. There is the chance that I will wake up and it has not happened as the liver was refused as being poor quality. I'll have to deal with that when it happens.

"Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more

experiments you make, the better."

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