Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Day 2

It's was a long day yesterday. Getting here I was immediately swarmed upon and I saw a dietician and a Transplant Consultant. She explained the parameters of the weeks assessment and laid out the bare facts that there are not enough livers out there to serve the ammount looking for one.

I was wisked away for a MRI scan where they injected me with an iron solution to get a better image of the liver.

Visitors came to see me including Caz, so that was great. I didn't get a great sleep though. I'm in a 4 man ward and one person has had a kidney transplant and is drinking about 4.5 litres a day which means he gets up for the toilet and turns the light on every time.

Another admission came in for a hernia but he's in with us because he's had a liver transplant 10 years ago. It has been great to hear his story as he returned to competitive rugby a year after the op. Fate brought us together and his story balances the over cautios nature of the medical advise.

I was meant to have an endoscopy today to check on the varicies in the esophagus. It has been delayed till Thursday maybe. They have till Friday tea time after all.

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