Wednesday, 10 March 2010

day 3

Happy Birthday to my sister. 21+vat!!

I have had breathing tests which I did well and an ECG. Caz and I had a discussion with a transplant coordinator who told us the facts of being on the list.

When I get a call they will send the ambulance to me. I will be prepped for surgery but I could wake up with a new liver or not if it's not considered suitable. That must be hard!

Afterwards I could be in hospital for 10 days to 5 weeks. After getting home I have to attend clinic weekly to monitor my state. As time goes on the intervals increase. I will feel my optimum after 1 year and I can't travel abroad till then.

Each case is individual so these are guidelines. Tomorrow I'll see psychiatrists etc and get my endoscopy. Friday I get a fitness test on a stationary bike and I'll hear the decision late afternoon.

I came in bloated and they weighed me at 92kg. Tonight I'm at 88 and you can see the water retention has decreased.

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