Thursday, 22 April 2010


Caz drove me down and back for the clinic in Edinburgh. Its a 30 minute appointment where they take bloods, change doses in medication, check the wound etc. The Dr laughed when she saw me as i was walking briskly and compared to others 3 1/2 weeks after Transplant, she couldn't believe the progress in me!

My creatinine levels have dropped from a high of around 500 down to 166 which means the kidneys are working on getting rid of waste. However my potassium does seem to be sensitive.

I just got in and received a follow up call and, as my potassium has jumped up to 6.6, I am sitting here waiting for a call to go to into ARI overnight where they will treat it with fluid and medication. I'm shattered from the day, so its the last thing I want to do but needs must.

We took the Glenshee road over the mountains down to Perth. A lovely run, can't wait to do it again on the Triumph during the summer!

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