Saturday, 9 January 2010

Step Change

There has definately been a step change. It's hard to describe but I'm able to do more during the day and whilst it still tires me, I'm not sufferring as much memory loss or confusion that the drugs did bring on. I do feel better, operating at 60% as a rough guide and this weather does sap you at times.

I have started doing three rounds of 3 minutes. Just padwork and at first the discomfort in my core was painful but today's pads didn't have the discomfort as my body starts to deal with it. More importantly there are no more cramps! Not to the same extent as previous attempts to exercise brought on.

Over the Christmas period, the liver did play up and I was in severe discomfort, sleeping more but also being ratty. Snappiness is a result of poor liver condition. That has passed right now.

My Soarfenib is about to run out and I have rung asking for a new prescription, but the Dr wants to see me first. I see this in a positive light. There is only one month left I think on the availability of Sorafenib and we await the recommendation from the Edinburgh Transplant Team. With the tumour in such decline and with other intrusions likely to bring it's demise, is there any need to continue Sorafenib?

If the weather shows us anything, it highlights how some people are totally incapable of taking responsibility for themselves. While I watch Man Utd and Arsenal fail to challenge Chelsea who's game was cancelled due to the snow, I have to wonder why the powers that be declare it unsafe for people to attend sporting events, effectively closing them down, and yet I dont see them closing shopping centres, especially the big ones outside cities. Are the dangers not the same?

We are scared of taking responsibility at times in case we get sued. Those who seek the litigiousness society are handicapping the rest of us and are more of a threat to our freedom than any religious fanatics who gain sensationalist headlines. If people sue the local council they are taking the money which helps look after our elderly and take the money away from resources that could help us all.

I feel that this blog's treasure is that I have taken responsibility for my illness and have worked with the experts in all areas and made decisions and behaved in a way that brings us to a successful conclusion. There's been no self indulgent moaning. Ive shared many tears but I've never really brought that here. If 20ten is to be anything then I hope its an era where people start taking responsibility for their actions rather than simply leaving it to someone else to decide.

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Don the Dandy said...

Pat, the reason sporting events are cancelled while shopping centres are left open is that Sporting events require a safety certificate to go ahead, shopping centres dont. One aspect of the certificate that stops games going ahead is the evacuation plan. The surrounding areas must be fit to receive a mass of bodies at once.
The police never cancel sporting events it is the organisers that do it on the advise of the police. Stratchclydes finest were interviewed on Radio Scotland last week!!

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