Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Hospital Visit

The Dr was quite happy with my condition despite some concerns for the Kidney that will be picking up some toxicity from the Sorafenib. Urine and blood tests were taken to check this out.

She feels confident that Edinburgh will soon be in touch and explained that the Transplant Teams have changed their criteria to take account of patients who have responded to the new drug treatments now available. From what I can gather I am one of the only ones to have taken Sorafenib and respond in such a manner, where most look to elongate existence for a month or two. This is why they are looking favourably at me and so it shouldn't be long before we hear if surgery or intrusion will be the recommended course of action.

If they should though decide that they will not involve themselves in my treatment, then she has started to put together a request to the NHS to continue Sorafenib after the Bupa financing runs out next month. She is confident that this would be looked on favourably.

We now wait on Edinburgh

Opening the door to creation


Learning in the true sense of the word is possible only in that state of attention, in which there is no outer or inner compulsion. Right thinking can come about only when the mind is not enslaved by tradition and memory. It is attention that allows silence to come upon the mind, which is the opening of the door to creation. That is why attention is of the highest importance. Knowledge is necessary at the functional level as a means of cultivating the mind, and not as an end in itself. We are concerned, not with the development of just one capacity, such as that of a mathematician, or a scientist, or a musician, but with the total development of the student as a human being.
How is the state of attention to be brought about? It cannot be cultivated through persuasion, comparison, reward or punishment, all of which are forms of coercion. The elimination of fear is the beginning of attention. Fear must exist as long as there is an urge to be or to become, which is the pursuit of success, with all its frustrations and tortuous contradictions. You can teach concentration, but attention cannot be taught just as you cannot possibly teach freedom from fear; but we can begin to discover the causes that produce fear, and in understanding these causes there is the elimination of fear. So attention arises spontaneously when around the student there is an atmosphere of well-being, when he has the feeling of being secure, of being at ease, and is aware of the disinterested action that comes with love. Love does not compare, and so the envy and torture of `becoming' cease.
J. Krishnamurti Life Ahead Saanen 4th Public Dialogue 3rd August 1974.

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Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

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