Thursday, 28 January 2010

Off To Edinburgh

Within 12 hours I have discussed with the Transplant Surgeon what he wants to do and in that action I have introduced myself to his world.

The result of this is that he started to hum and har over when they could fit me in and I interjected that I would be down in Edinburgh the following weekend. Immediately he said that they will fit me in on the Thursday or Friday and this morning it was confirmed that on Friday 5th Feb I will have an Endoscopy.

The endoscopy will be used to get a biopsy of the second growth to acertain whether it is HCC or benign. Of course it's going to be benign and once those results are in I will be put forward for transplant.

Today Im alert and energised, almost the first time this month. This is it guys, its all down hill from now on - just you wait and see. By the 3rd quarter this year I'm going to be a different monster, cured and working myself back to fitness and better health.

Caz's birthday on Saturday, we can enjoy this moment a bit more now!


vodkafrenzy said...

That was quick. Get in there!! :)

Bindi said...

GO PAT!!!! :-D

BOB'S BLOG said...

back of the net!

Jon Cameron said...

Top man, Pat. Big respect.

Carol Anne said...

Best Wishes Pat :)

Anonymous said...

This news is awesome! Happy Birthday Caz! xxxx

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