Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stairway to heaven

So I still await the results of the scan, I'm in the dark as when to expect them.

Saturday saw me in Glasgow teaching self protection with Bob Spour. I enjoyed the day but was exhausted at the end of it. Sunday becomes a bit of blur, but we have started removing a lot of junk from the house in order to freshen it all up with a coat of paint or two.

Monday saw me travel into work where i was met with the news that whilst my position was safe in the current climate, some colleagues were being moved and that isn't yet a guarantee that they wont face redundancy. After work i went home and slept for two hours and had a quiet night in.

Back at work today (on the bike!) where i have started climbing the stairs. Three flights may not seem much but my legs are at failure when i reach the top and I'm puffing away. However, now i have ceased the Rampiril blood pressure tablets, I am no longer dizzy. Each day I'm in I'll set the task of 4 trips on the stairs and increase it appropriately.

I was disappointed to say the least that Guro Dan Inosanto has been cancelled in London in July. This is due to changes of legislation around Visas for non EU people. My mind is now cast to deliberating on how to attend a seminar this year with a truly inspirational man.

"Believe me, the reward is not so great without the struggle."

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to the day we're celebrating your complete recovery!!

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