Monday, 15 June 2009

The Hedge - another barrier surpassed!

The weekend saw myself and Perry tackle the hedge, that bain of my life which is 13 m long and 3 m high. We took a meter off, cutting into thick trunks. Caz worked on the study, stripping it down, filling any holes in the walls and painting.

The vibration from the chainsaw saw me in agony with cramps for about an hour on Saturday. I was watching the UFC and the Dan Hardy fight had me out of the seat cheering, relieving the pain for a moment. This was surparssed only by Valentino Rossi's last lap in the Moto GP, probably the most exciting last lap i'll ever see!

I had the Dr's this morning at the Hospital. Nothing much to add. I'm tired and she was concerned by my blood pressure at 140/100. So i'm going to chill out. They have a big get together this week, so i will be discussed. How i find out what is said, your guess is as good as mine!

=== - Daily Quote ===

Truth is the vast ocean which has not been charted: it is fathomless

Truth you have to find out for yourself; you have to walk the path alone - and there is no path to truth. Truth is the vast ocean which has not been charted: it is fathomless. You have to find it, walking endlessly, and the endlessness becomes a torture, a thing that you are frightened of, if you have not understood the beginning of what we have been talking about. Then there is no time; then you are living so completely in that emptiness that time has gone and there is only the present, this active present.

I do not know if you have ever noticed a bird on the wing, a leaf falling, or the sun on the water, or the reflection of the moon on the water. If you have noticed, if you have seen the beauty of it, in that moment there is no time: it is there endlessly, unspoiled, incorruptible, timeless. Similarly, a religious mind is that. And it is only such a religious mind that can receive the immeasurable, the nameless.

Collected Works, Vol. XIV - 118

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