Friday, 12 June 2009

78 steps

At the beginning of the week, i said that i had started climbing the stairs at work rather than using the lift. Before coming off the Ramiril for blood pressure control, if i went up one floor then i felt dizzy.

Having stopped the Rampiril, given it a week to get out of my system, I started on the 6 sets of 13 steps and set the task of 4 reps.

Day one saw me virtually at failure at the top, my legs ready to collapse and my lungs gasping for oxygen. By the fourth set that day it had slightly improved but i could hardly walk once at the top.

When i finished my last set on Thursday, i had passed someone on the stairs. My legs were tingly but i could have done another level no problem. The person i passed was puffing away, an aroma telling me that she had just returned from a quick smoke outside.

Today i start on the exercise bike and this time next week i intend to start working the kettlebells.

"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: the potential for greatness lives within each of us."

We have an old pal coming in to do decoration this weekend. We have packed stuff up and the upstairs should be blitzed to give a long awaited freshening up.

I have come across a new blog started up dealing with NLP. Called 'The Higherway Code' it's a great read and is on my list of blogs i follow on this page. I hope you add it to your list!

=== - Daily Quote ===

There is no end to learning; therefore, there is no despair

The mind that would really understand what is true, the real - the extraordinary state of mind that comprehends that thing called truth - must have, psychologically, no fear of any kind....A mind which would really understand, take a journey into the most extraordinary thing called reality and go deeply into it - where there is no measure, no time, no illusion, no imagination - must be completely free from fear. And, therefore, such a mind is always living, neither in the past nor in the future...

A mind that is aware of all the things that are connected with fear is not concerned with the past but, as the past arises, it deals with it, not as a steppingstone to the future. Therefore, such a mind is living in the active present and, therefore, comprehends every movement of thought, feeling, fear, as it arises. There is a great deal to learn: there is no end to learning; therefore, there is no despair, no anxiety. This you must have completely in your blood so that you are never caught in the things that have been done or that will be done in the future, so that you are never held in time as thought. It is only the mind that has emptied itself of all this fear that is empty. Then, in that emptiness, it can understand that which is supreme and nameless.

Collected Works, Vol. XIV - 94

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