Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Race for Life

Kali Sunbathing

I have a scan tomorrow. I know this tumour is fried. After the recent good weather I'm buzzing with confidence.

When I saw the Dr on Monday she felt my liver and it was normal, no enlargement that she would expect normally. My blood pressure was 120 over 80 so I am now dropping the Rampiril which i blame for the dizzyness. Hopefully now i can start some cardio workouts!

I have been going into the office but the atmosphere is tense there since the threat of redundancies is hitting the oil business. However I'm able to build up my endurance working for the small ammount of hours allotted right now PLUS i get to go on the bike.

I'll see Bob at the weekend so we'll strengthen the healing process.

Caz is taking part in Race for Life with the girls from Aberdeen Martial Arts Group to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Please take a moment to sponsor me. It's really easy - you can donate online by credit or debit card at the following address: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/cazewan
All donations are secure and sent electronically to Cancer Research UK. If you are a UK taxpayer, Cancer Research's partner Justgiving will automatically reclaim at least 25% in Gift Aid on your donation at no cost to you - making it worth even more.
Please join me in supporting Race for Life and a fabulous cause! Thanks and best wishes, Carolyn

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