Tuesday, 9 February 2010

No news isn't always good news

AMAG students on the Inosanto weekend 2010
The Head of the Transplant team did try and call me on Monday tea time but I'd been delayed at the Aboyne Health Clinic, mainly because i was seen by a student. Otherwise I'd have been able to have caught the phone call. I called and left a message on the answering machine but his secretary didn't pass it on so I never heard anything today.

I didn't mind being seen by the student, it was just once he realised I was slightly more 'serious' and called in what will be my new doctor, i had to go through the process again. A ten minute appointment took up an hour.

So at the moment, i don't know anything new : (

Life itself has no system


Life itself has no system, for it is always in movement; always growing and striving. To systemize it, therefore, is to bind it and so negate its vital quality. For this reason pure reason can never understand; nor can its anti-thesis, which is pure sentiment, ever understand. Strength is needed for understanding, but sentimentality is always weak. - J. Krishnamurti Early Works, circa 1930

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