Friday, 20 August 2010

costa del aboyne

One of my meds has run its course and I'm not going to be asking them to renew it. Furosemide was diagnosed because of the edema in my legs and whilst my weight is around 79kgs, the leg bloating has reduced greatly. But this last month has been awful for dizziness and i haven't been able to exercise due to this. With the end to this course I hope to become more active.

My sister, Kate, is currently visiting Aboyne Manor and she's brought the good weather! A few roasters have seen a lot of time in the garden and a lot of time on the bikes! Poor Kali suffers in the heat at times, but still loves lounging outside then inside on the rainy days.

On the rainy days, I have spent them in the garage. I stripped the brakes and now they are far better than they were on the Sprint. It got its MOT this week, no problems in passing.

We are off to Wales soon to see some relatives and enjoy the Gower coastline. Really looking forward to that. Just wishing I could take the bike, but until we get asidecar for the dog it's not feasible ; )

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